Balloon Busting

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Balloon Busting

Postby stormclouds » Sun Nov 25, 2012 6:34 am

Another quick update, with some nice screenshots for you! This month, I've mostly been working on:

Balloon Busting missions:


Observation balloons were used by all sides on the western front, to observe artillery accuracy and general troop movements. In the game, if you have an observation balloon up, your side will react better to events, and means more missions to fly. If you get too close to an enemy balloon, the observer will panic and jump out with his parachute! They get wound down during bad weather.

Making the place look a bit more french, with farms & villages:


There are now some French-style farm buildings and even villages with churches. This still needs more work, but things look a little bit more 'French' now.

New planes

I added in a couple of reconnaisance / light bomber planes, a couple of late-war fighters, and a trio of WW2 classics for good measure. See the planes artwork thread for more info & pictures.
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