New website + branding!

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New website + branding!

Postby stormclouds » Fri Apr 27, 2012 12:34 pm

Major news! As you can see, I've given my 2D Flight Sim game a name finally. Also built a new website around some forum software, and moved my blog to this site too.

So, lets start with the name.

Storm Clouds over the Western Front

You may have noticed in my most recent screenshots & videos, I've changed the setting of this game to WW1, specifically the western front in france. I've done this to reduce the scope of the game, hopefully allowing me to release something a lot sooner.


The planes are a lot simpler to model, no radio, no radar, fancy weapons, etc. The battlefield is a lot more simple - two armies with a no mans land between them. No sea to model, no paratroopers screwing with the battle fronts / direction, and a smaller number of unit types.

It just makes sense to start with WW1, and then future releases (of which I have plenty planned :D) will build on this.

I've called the game Storm Clouds, as in a storm is gathering over the western front.

I've created this website primarily as a place to support and buy (yes I do plan on selling, but there will also be free versions) Storm Clouds.

For now, this place can act as a blog, and a place to join & ask any questions as you see fit. Please join the forums if you are interested in this game - maybe you can even give me ideas to put in the game? Also you'll be able to subscribe to the blog and be informed of any deveopments via email or rss.

What about the game - what's new?

Plenty. I've been working fairly solidly on this game for a while, as time permits. Here is a list of the new features since my last blog post:

New planes - I've added the Sopwith Camel & the Fokker Dr 1 Triplane for now, and have also done the graphics for the Gotha & Handley Page bombers. More WW1 planes will come soon.


Searchlights - these will actively scan the skies for enemy planes, and latch on to them if found. Once you are caught in the light beam, you'll attract flak and enemy night fighters, which otherwise wouldnt have seen you.


Observation balloons - these dont really do much at the moment, except explode when you shoot them. I plan on making the enemy artillery much more accurate when they have an observation balloon aloft.


The front - a wasted no mans land separates two sets of trenches.

Flying Lessons - flying the planes to the best of their abilities is fairly complex work, so I've added these short tutorials. The cover mosts tasks, from the simple like taxiing on the ground, to hardcore, like navigating at night time.

Deathmatch - when you dont want to take part in gruelling missions, you can have up to four friends and up to 40(!) AI planes in the air at the same time, fighting it out.


More screenshots:

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Re: New website + branding!

Postby Heli1 » Thu May 24, 2012 3:08 am

Awesome to see some updates...

Any chance of a helicopter add on?
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Re: New website + branding!

Postby stormclouds » Sat Jun 02, 2012 8:25 am


Yes I do plan on adding helicopters to the game, but not in the first version. I want to do a few scenarios built around the Vietnam war, which means lots of Huey, Cobra, Skycrane & Chinook goodness :)

After that, some modern apache & chinook missions, and maybe even some civilian search & rescue missions with historical & modern helicopters...
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