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New gameplay

Postby stormclouds » Thu Apr 26, 2012 11:56 am

A few months ago, Dream Build Play 2011 (DBP11) was announced. This is an annual XBox-only game writing competition, where the prizes include a big wodge of cash, and a chance at an XBLA release. The quality of the winning entrants from previous years is very high - well worth checking out.

I had hoped to have something to enter, and I knuckled down to get various features written, but it soon became clear the scope of the game I have in my head was too big to complete before the June deadline.

I'm still going to write that game (campaign based gameplay fought over a dynamic battlefield), but I've decided to concentrate for the moment on an 'arcade' mode. This I hope will achieve three things:

  • Introduce a shorter-term, shmup style gameplay, which I believe may appeal to a greater number of gamers (XBox specifically) than a campaign style game
  • Shorten the time it will take me to produce a playable demo - something I've wanted quite badly for a while now
  • Still allow me to work towards the goal of a campaign style game - most elements will be used in both gameplay styles

Unfortunately I dont think I'm going to even have this ready for DBP11, due to a lot of time spent Optimizing the XBox code, and also a heavy home life schedule over the last couple of months. Still, there is always next year!

I am a big fan of bullet point notes, as you may have noticed. Here are a few features I've thought of for the arcade mode of my game:

  • A more continuous style of game - no need to land your plane (a tricky prospect for a causual player)
  • Aiming at a single level / map taking between 5 to 10 minutes to complete
  • Enemy planes on missions (from the campaign gameplay style) manifest themselves as waves of enemies
  • Bonuses appear on destroying targets
  • Bonuses (such as extra fuel, weapons etc) appear as crates on parachutes (a tip of the hat to SkyStrike, the game that most heavily influences me - if you dont know it, check out this video)
  • Still keep elements of friendly air / ground / naval forces - perhaps extra points depending on how many survived at the end of each game?
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