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Split screen mode

Postby stormclouds » Thu Apr 26, 2012 11:41 am

Hmm well I'm getting married in a week's time, so I'm not finding much time right now to work on this game. Plus after that I'm going on my honeymoon, so it'll be about a month before I can post on here again.

Best post up what I've been working on!

One of my favorite aspects of gaming used to be 2 player split screen mode, where a friend and I would compete against each other, using the same computer / screen.

Multiplayer is a hugely important aspect of games these days, but from all accounts XNA multiplayer is hard to implement, for little return. I think a split screen mode might be a 'cheaper' alternative. The good thing is XNA makes this very easy with Viewports - I just have to create a viewport for the different screens (instead of one big one for the whole screen), and render the gameworld to each of those viewports.

Here is what it looks like:


I find there is quite a big drop in framerate when I switch to 4-screens, it drops from just under 60fps to around 40. Not sure if this is acceptable, but I could always specify a level of details, and reduce it (i.e. only render 1 background terrain instead of 2, etc) for multiple screens.

Other features I've added since my last post:

  • Enemy planes - nasty Japanese Zero's
  • AI - following a very basic ground attack mission plan for the moment, they dont even fire their guns, and usually fly into mountains, but just sometimes they fly to their target, buzz it until they run low on fuel, return to base for a refuel and start again :)
  • Guns on the planes - only used by the human players right now, but they can fire tracer bullets around & it looks quite convincing.
  • On-screen indicators for fuel, ammo, throttle position, brake indicator & a stall warning light.
  • Sounds - obviously hard to tell from the screen shot, but the plane's engines all splutter into life as they spawn, roar as they whizz around the screen, and the gun has a suitable machine gun noise too.

Well thats about it, I'll hopefully be continuing this at the end of September. I'll get another video done then - I think I've figured out how to stop Fraps being so jerky (set it to use a different processor core than the game uses), and I'll hopefully pay for the full version by then too :)
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